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The PSA Test

PSA is a substance only made by the prostate gland and can be measured in a blood test. It is produced by both normal and cancerous tissues and its level can be an indication of the disease. Unfortunately it does not give a perfect answer, as the test may miss early prostate cancers, whilst some men with a high PSA may be found not to have cancer at all. We feel strongly, however, that the PSA test is a crucial first line of defence and a vital option for all men over 50 (or earlier if there is a family history of prostate or breast cancer). It should be remembered that it is not usually the first measurement of PSA that is important, but what happens to the PSA level over time. A rising PSA ought to be a concern. It is important, though, that men make up their own minds whether or not they want to undergo a test. We can assure you, that we have many grateful patients in our support group who are glad they did!

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