​​​giving men a better chance of beating prostate cancer 

  • Every 45 minutes one man dies from prostate cancer - that's more than 11,700 men every year
  • 90% of men who have their prostate cancer diagnosed early are cured
  • Men over 50, with a family history of prostate cancer (father, uncle, brother) or black are at higher risk
  • Ladies - encourage your man to get tested - you could save his life

Prostate cancer is now most commonly diagnosed cancer in UK.  We find many men are reticent to consult their GP, so we are campaigning to ensure that all men are aware of the risks and symptoms of prostate cancer and that they visit their GP with any concerns.  If the disease is caught early, cure rates are excellent. Please do not suffer in silence, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Men have a right to be tested for prostate cancer on a regular basis via their GP if they aged 50.  However, we are aware that some doctors do not support prostate cancer testing with this test, especially if men present with no obvious symptoms. 

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----  Calling all men 40-70 (over 45 if you are black or have family history)

Saturday 14th November

The Princes Hall
Princes Way, Aldershot GU11 1NX

COMMUNITY but open to all. It is requested that non-Nepalese men book after 12.30 - 14:15 

All PSA test days will be conducted with appropriate social distancing and PPE. May be subject to cancellation due to possible future government restrictions. ​

We are therefore supporting Open Access PSA Tests in Surrey, in association with Cancer Testing South, and supporting charitable organisations such as Lions, Rotary, Masons and other local charities.

These events are run to enable men to have a simple blood test, in a COVID-19 safe, friendly and welcoming setting, that may indicate whether or not they have a possible problem with their prostate and should take further action via their GP. Men will also be given a range of information about the prostate and prostate cancer.

Anyone who wants a test, please register and then book a place at:  cts.mypsatests.org.uk​

For further information of Open Access PSA Testing Days across the country, click here or email: info@cancertestingsouth.org.


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