​​​giving men a better chance of beating prostate cancer 

"We urgently need regular donations so that we can continue our valuable work. 
Please help us. No matter how small your gift, we will value it and you will be helping prostate cancer sufferers and their families." ​

Thank you for your support

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How to donate:

  • For one off's or regular donations via your bank:  by cheque for a single donation or by making a standing order for a regular donation.  You can print out and fill in our Donations and Gift Aid form and send it to The Prostate Project, Purbecks House, Grosvenor Road,  Godalming,  Surrey GU7 1NZ.  Committed support through a monthly donation helps enormously as it means we can maintain our current research and plan for the future. 

    The easiest and a convenient way to donate is via the internet.  There are a number of web sites that offer an easy way to donate to us using your credit or debit card and they also collect the Gift Aid that will increase your donation by 25% without any additional cost to you.  Committed support through a monthly donation helps enormously as it means we can maintain our current research plan into the future.

    One of these web sites BT MyDonate set up by BT offer their secure service with no charge to you or us.  The other web sites charge us about 4% to 6 % which represents a significant loss of revenue to the charity so we ask you to use MyDonate.

  • Alternative web sites that offer a donation service, but with a charge, are: JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving. The choice is yours and a direct link can be made by clicking on the names or the buttons below.​​


  • Guildford Community Lotterypage - tickets cost only £1 a week and there's a chance to win cash prizes of up to £25,000 every week! 50% of all tickets sold from our page go to us, plus 10% goes to other local good causes.  To support us and win prizes, click here

  • 'Give As You Earn': give our Charity No. 1078523 to your employer who will deduct your donation at source before tax

  • Leave us a Legacy: a lasting legacy, a life-saving gift - please remember the Prostate Project in your Will.

  • Transfer shares: this avoids you paying Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

  • Fundraise for us: such as sponsored walks, marathons, charity golf days, concerts and other events. Please contact us for details on events@prostate-project.org.uk 

  • Corporate donations: we welcome corporate donations of any amount and also offer Corporate ​Membership.