Meet our team


  • Mike Collett (deceased)
  • John Davies, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • Mac Derwig (Treasurer)
  • Robert Laing, Consultant Oncologist, Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • Prof Stephen Langley, Professor of Urology, Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • Nigel Lewis-Baker
  • Bruce Montgomery, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Frimley Park Hospital
  • Prof Hardev Pandha, Chair of Urological Oncology, University of Surrey Postgraduate Medical School
  • Peter Seaton
  • Tim Sharp - Watch Tim’s video
  • Colin Stokes (Chairman) - Watch Colin’s video
  • Terry Hinton - please contact if you wish to receive our newsletter by post or email.
  • Julie Thomas


  • Peter Alliss
  • Jackie Alliss
  • The Bishop of Guildford
  • Dr John Blowers
  • Colin Brumpton
  • Michael Buerk
  • Harvey McGrath
  • Anne Milton MP
  • Dr Hamish Whitaker

Support Group

  • Peter Seaton
  • Mac Derwig
  • Peter Smale
  • Mrs Cassia Morris

Prostate Project Consultants Team

John Davies - Consultant Urological Surgeon
John is the UK's leading Cryosurgery specialist and co-founder of The Prostate Project. John was the first surgeon to operate in the UK using this technique which involves rapid freezing and thawing of the prostate.
Chris Eden - Consultant Urological Surgeon
Chris is one of Europe's leading laparoscopic surgeons specializing in removal of the prostate.
Robert Laing - Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Robert is one of the UK's leading Brachytherapy specialists (a minimally invasive technique of implanting radioactive seeds into the prostate gland to treat cancer) and expert in radiotherapy treatment of the prostate.
Stephen Langley - Consultant Urological Surgeon
Stephen is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. He is the leader in the UK in the field of prostate Brachytherapy.
Bruce Montgomery - Consultant Urological Surgeon
Bruce is Clinical Director of Surgery at Frimley Park Foundation Trust and a leader in developing techniques to improve the early and accurate diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

Watch Bruce’s video


Prostate Project Foundation Research Team Leaders

Professor Hardev Pandha - Professor of Urological Oncology
Hardev heads the research team at the University of Surrey, and is an expert in prostate cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy.
Dr Richard Morgan - Senior Scientist
Richard is a molecular biologist and is lead scientist in the group's research laboratories at Surrey University.
Dr Agnieszka Michael - Consultant Oncologist
Agnieszka is a specialist in prostate cancer chemotherapy and runs the group's clinical trial programme bringing new cancer agents to the clinic.