Personal Health Check

Because prostate cancer can exist without symptoms, we believe that all men over the age of 50 should routinely ask their GP for a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test. Once you reach this age, your doctor is obliged to arrange a test for you.

If you can tick any of these boxes your prostate needs a check-up

  • I need to urinate frequently, particularly at night
  • I am bursting to urinate but the flow is slow, difficult or painful
  • It takes a long time for my urine flow to start and I dribble when I try to stop
  • I have seen blood in my urine or semen
  • I have felt pain when urinating or ejaculating
  • I feel that my bladder has not emptied properly
  • I have pain in my lower back or upper thighs or pelvis
  • I have a strong family history of prostate cancer
  • I have difficulty in getting and keeping an erection
  • I have noticed a change in my bowel habits

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should immediately see your GP.


If you are unlucky enough to have prostate cancer, your chances of a cure are vastly improved by early diagnosis and treatment.