Thanks a £million. Our Pint-a-Week Appeal has raised enough to build half a Urology Centre


After just 14 months of fundraising, amazing support from a diverse range of individuals and organizations has bought us to wihin touching distance of a our first milestone - the magic £1million

The Pint-a-Week appeal to raise £2.1 million to build a new Urology Centre at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, has really struck chord with local people and thanks to some wonderful support from the Surrey Advertiser, we have achieved a high level of awareness for our campaign. Now the hard part starts - getting up to a £million. We are launching two new initiatives - one to try and get more women involved in encouringing their men (and themselves) to donate and another to launch a new campaign to Surrey Business.

We have called it our 'Hall of Fame' Donor awards. We are asking organisations to make either a one-off donation or to donate regularly to our Urology Centre appeal over a two-year period. In return their names will be publicised in the Surrey Advertiser, in our promotional literature and on our web site. Donor names will also be recorded in perpetuity on a commemorative plaque to be placed in the new Centre reception.


Why we need the Centre

We are fortunate to have one of the finest teams of Urology Consultants and Nurses in the country working at the Royal Surrey, but their ability to deliver the finest quality care is being hampered by a serious lack of dedicated space. They have nowhere to run collaborative clinics or to treat patients in the manner they deserve.

The Royal Surrey is a successful Foundation Trust status hospital with an increasing patient load but only limited funds for expansion. To deliver the best care they need a new dedicated state of the art Urology Centre. Additionally, the hospital hosts specialist SWSH prostate cancer team meetings and this Centre will enable RSCH Consultants to run joint clinics with all their colleagues involved in prostate cancer care.

We have the land and support

The site is ready and waiting on the RSCH complex opposite the Nuffield Hospital and next to St Luke's Cancer Centre - an ideal location. The Royal Surrey will provide the land and, project manage construction and crucially, staff and manage the Centre once it is complete.

Clinical Trials

A key benefit of the new Centre will be a much closer and practical collaboration with our world class research team at the University of Surrey. You may have read about the groundbreaking discovery of a new urine test that is twice as accurate as the 30 year old PSA test in detecting prostate cancer. Patients can more easily be enrolled in trials programmes which should improve the treatment of prostate cancer for all men.

About our Pint-a-Week Appeal

The average cost of a pint of beer in South West Surrey is £3.08. If we can convince 4,832 men to donate the equivalent of a pint per week to our Urology Centre Appeal, we will raise £2.1 million over 2 years. A big 'Thank You' to the Surrey Advertiser for supporting us and adopting this campaign.

We have already raised almost £500,000 towards the new Centre so you can be confident that we will succeed. This is not an impossible dream. For years the Royal Surrey and Frimley Park Hospitals have benefitted from the generosity of local people and this appeal will continue that tradition.

Donating to the Appeal

You can make a donation either from Colin Stokes's Justgiving page at, or by downloading our 'Pint-a-Week' Appeal Flyer on the home page which includes a standing order and gift aid form.